Low Profile Curved Keycap Set for K1 Version 4

SKU: K1-keycap

THIS K1 KEYCAP SET DOES NOT INCLUDE KEYBOARD, AND FOR K1 VERSION 4 ONLY.  Please drop your email on "Notify Me When Available" if the product model is out of stock.

110 KEYS,

The K1 keycap set is crafted with premium ABS material, providing amazing ergonomic support and fits your personal style with your favorite K1 keyboard.

Keychron K8 tenkeyless wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac Windows iOS with Hot-swappable Gateron and Keychron Optical switch red blue brown keycap set

What does it mean to you?
Comes with dark grey color and two orange color keycaps, while it’s a mixed grey color (light grey and dark grey) keycaps pre-installed on the K1 version 4 keyboard.


K1 version 4: 100% compatible.
K1 version 1/2/3: NOT compatible, except standard size (1u) keycaps, as some keycaps included caps lock, shift, return, backspace, enter, \|, + and 0 cannot clip with the stabilizer, while control, and space bar has a different dimension.

Curved Keycaps

Providing an unbeatable finger touch feeling.

How it looks on the K1?

With macOS keycaps

With Windows OS keycaps

On the side

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