Keychron K Pro Switch


Quantity of one set

Each Keychron K Pro Switch Set comes with 110 switches and the bottle.

Premium Typing Experience

Check out our exclusive Keychron K Pro switch! The K Pro switch offers premium smooth and tactile typing experience with an optimized mold. The precise positioning and less wobbliness will certainly improve your fingertip feel. A smooth travel experience is guaranteed with up to 50 million keystroke lifespan. 

Keychron K Pro Switch

Factory Pre-lubed

 The Keychron K Pro switches are factory pre-lubed (Red, and Brown), which has reduced spring noise and less stem wobbliness. If you would like enjoy silky smoothness and natural typing feeling then you must go for the Keychron K Pro switch.

Keychron K Pro Switch

Factory Pre-lubed

Featured the unique dustproof wall design for the switch stem, the Keychron K Pro switch has less stem wobbliness than other regular switches, which ensures more solid and stable typing feeling. The wall design on the top of the stem also prevents dust or moisture.

Keychron K Pro Switch
Keychron K Pro Red Switch


Different Keychron K Pro Switches Features


Product NameKeychron K Pro Switch
StemPOM+TPE Double Shot, MX Stem
HousingPC Transparent
SpringNylon PA66
SMD LED supportYes

Compatible Keyboards

Any Gateron G Pro Mechanical (Hot-Swappable) version, Keychron Mechanical (Hot-Swappable) version, Q series or V series Keychron keyboards.

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