New firmware update and source code for the K8 Pro

New firmware update and source code for the K8 Pro

Caroline Wong |

Thanks for supporting the K8 Pro QMK/VIA wireless mechanical keyboard, as always, we continue to keep optimizing our products to exceed customer expectations. That’s why we’re releasing a list of new firmware updates for the K8 Pro as you can see below:

Download new firmware version 1.02 for K8 Pro White Backlight version here.

Download new firmware version 1.02 for K8 Pro RGB Backlight version here.

Tutorial here.

Download new Bluetooth firmware version for K8 Pro here.

Tutorial here.

Download new JSON file version 1.0 for K8 Pro White Backlight version here.

Download new JSON file version 1.5 for K8 Pro RGB Backlight version here.

Tutorial here.

What’s new?

  • Fixed the bug that made the keyboard suddenly stop working.
  • Increased the RGB backlight effects to 22 types for the RGB backlight version.
  • Increased the white backlight effects to 14 types for the white backlight version.

We suggest every user update the firmware mentioned above in order to keep their K8 Pro working properly.

Please also check the source code of the K8 Pro here if you’re interested.

All the source code for every K Pro series keyboard including the K6 Pro will be put in the link above in the future.

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