Keychron Keyboard Video Review - August 2022

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - August 2022

Caroline Wong |

The Best BUDGET Custom Keyboard...(PERIOD) - by Squashy Boy

"I would highly recommend it myself if you don't know anything about keyboards and you are getting into premium keyboards for the first time or if you are a Mac user because this even supports Mac."

Should You Get Keychron’s Alice Mechanical Keyboard? ~ Q8 Review - by minimalistik

"As with other Q keyboards from Keychron, the Q8 comes with QMK and VIA supports which is amazing you can easily remap keys as you want. Another great perk of this keyboard is that the physical switch alternates between the first two layers so you can have two completely different configs with different mod layers accessible and thats brilliant."

Even CHEAPER mechanical keyboard? - by Andy V Nguyen

“I recommend this keyboard I personally think its below the bar for an enthusiast but the stock stabs are surprisingly good and the plastic case keeps the ping away."

Review: Keychron V1 - This board is a steal! - by Mechmerlin

“Over I think this bo  ard is a steal, this has most of the features of the Q series but at less than half the cost and imo doesn't really sacrifice much of the build quality. This is amazing."

Keychron Is IMPROVING! | Keychron Q5 Review - by Nextrift

"Compared to earlier iterations of Keychron's Q series keyboards, the Keychron Q5 has improved by leaps and bounds. For (essentially) a pre-built keyboard, the refinement of this keyboard is top-notch. Paired with its affordable pricing, the Q5 is definitely worth considering if you're looking for a 96% keyboard."

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